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Tool Rental


Bluebird 19" Aerator

The most reliable unit in the industry is also the most productive. The self-propelled B530 provides a comfortable aeration speed up to 2.8 mph and easily fits through narrow gates. Agile but mighty, the B530 provides the best quality of core in the compact aerator category pulling 15% more cores per square foot for better results.  This unit is easy to rent with a fold-down handle, removable weights, and tie-down brackets.

4 Hour Rental - $60

Full Day (24 Hour) Rental - $85

Call (919) 263-1883 to reserve today!

Mantis Tiller/Cultivator

The Mantis 2-Cycle Tiller/Cultivator 7228 makes gardening faster and easier than you ever dreamed possible! It’s the lightest tiller (only 20 lbs) but it will bust sod or dig a planting hole faster than using a shovel. Plus it can speed-weed up and down garden rows. Just flip the tines around to the cultivating position. Ergonomic handle grips with integrated throttle control for easy speed control.

4 Hour Rental - $27

Full Day (24 Hour) Rental - $40

Call (919) 263-1883 to reserve today!

Husqvarna Rear-Tine Tiller

The dual rotating tines on the DRT900H provide deep soil tilling on densely packed earth as well as older lawns. The DRT900H also features drive wheels with heavy tread tires for optimized grip, forward and reverse gear for easy operation and a powerful Honda engine for landowners that need reliable performance time after time.


4 Hour Rental - $65

Full Day (24 Hour) Rental - $90

Call (919) 263-1883 to reserve today!

Stihl RB400 Dirt Boss (2,700 psi)


When you need a power washer that delivers top performance and can stand up to heavy use, choose the STIHL RB 400 DIRT BOSS® pressure washer. It features a powerful 196 cc (6.5 hp) engine that can output 2,700 psi of water pressure at 2.7 gallons per minute. The RB 400 DIRT BOSS® also features an easy start pump system and convenient detergent injector system. And with its 25' no-kink flex hose, you can clean more area without having to move the machine. When you need to demolish dirt , the DIRT BOSS® handles the pressure with ease.


4 Hour Rental - $50

Full Day (24 hour) Rental - $75

Call (919) 263-1883 to reserve today!

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